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Registered clients for broking division, download your KYC and other documents here. | MSFL has started Currency Derivatives Trading. You can also trade in this segment. For details, contact on 0281-2332001 , 9879207383 , 9979862120,079-26424483/4/5/6, 079-26424487
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Kind Attn - Please note our new telephone no 0281-6192000 / 0281-7174000 Our old no 0281-3011000 will not be available. Marwadi Shares HO Rajkot (MSFL).
Dear Client please note that pin code number of our registered office address at Rajkot has been changed from 360005 to 360001.
Attention DP Client - BSDA ( Basic Service Demat Client ) for retail investor with “ Zero “ AMC for Demat A/c. Please contact at nearest branch.
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